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15 April 2019

Hyve is the number one secure file transfer provider in the UK

What is SFTP?
SFTP is short for Secure File Transfer Protocol, which is a secure method for transferring files over the internet.

Hyve’s SFTP service provides users with a fully managed, secure platform to securely send, receive and store valuable company data. All data uploaded is stored in our ultra-secure UK data centres.

Features and Benefits of SFTP:

  • Fast and Reliable – Hosted on Hyve’s high availability cloud, all SFTP solutions are guaranteed to provide super-fast performance and reliability. High availability means that in the event of a server or OS failure, the SFTP service would automatically reboot on to another production server, ensuring 99.999% uptime.
  • Secure – Our SFTP runs on a fully managed Windows cloud server dedicated to each client. This ensures no noisy neighbours or security issues. Hyve’s SFTP uses an advanced public key authentication method as a secure way to prove identity online.Two keys are required to access the interface. A ‘private key’ which is only known to you, and a ‘public key’ which can be accessed by anyone. A message encrypted with the private key can only be decrypted by the public key.As well as needing the correct username and password, public-key authentication requires that the user must also connect using the specific computer that the private key is installed on, or authentication will fail. This ensures that all files uploaded can only be accessed by those with permission.
  • No limits – Hyve’s SFTP doesn’t have any file limits, so you can upload folders of any size. We also do not charge additional costs for bandwidth usage and provide an unlimited number of file transfers. Our SFTP can also have an unlimited amount of users, including configurable access rights for each user.
  • Compatible – SFTP can transfer files securely between web browsers, client software, script components and mobile devices. Files are transferred using FTPS, SFTP and HTTPS.
  • Own branding – Hyve’s SFTP gives you the option to personalize the web interface with your company logo and corporate colours, giving it a professional appearance.

Why use SFTP?
Businesses require the ability to share data, but it is important to make sure that data is shared securely. The consequences of leaked data can range in severity, and is often punishable by law, requiring companies to pay hefty fines. Leaked data can also lead to ‘spear phishing’ emails, putting businesses at increased risk of cyber-attacks.

Why Hyve?
Hyve is the number one Secure File Transfer provider in the UK. We provide 24/7/365 support to all our clients, and our support team is entirely UK based. If any problems were to arise with your SFTP our team would be hand, responding to critical issues in under 20 minutes.

Get in touch today to find out more about Hyve’s SFTP solution. Give our sales team a call on 0800 612 2524.

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