Safestore chooses Hyve to support growing online presence

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28 June 2016
Case Study

Phil Fryer, Head of Information Technology at Safestore explains why he championed Hyve Managed Hosting.

Cloud hosting that scales as you grow
It’s always great to get feedback from our clients. Hyve’s customer service is something that our clients say sets us apart from our competitors, and it is something that we pride ourselves on.

One of our clients, Safestore, have been featured on Digitalisation World and the Data Centres site as an example of one of our customer success stories. Safestore is the UK’s largest self-storage operator, with over 100 stores. They’ve recently had a huge transformation of their website and online services to support the growth of their business.

Fast and reliable
Hyve provide Safestore’s hosting and run their specialist CMS to provide them with a fast and reliable solution.

Phil Fryer, Head of Information Technology at Safestore explained:

“The Safestore website is critical to our business, as its primary purpose is to quote customers and ultimately provide sales leads. Our website gets a lot of traffic and we needed a fast and stable platform that would enable us to scale out our business. Hyve allows us to do this very successfully and we’ve have never had any issues when it comes to performance levels or downtime. When we looked at what other managed hosting providers could deliver, the service that we needed would have taken significantly longer to deploy. Hyve were able to deliver a solution that was entirely tailored to our needs and at a much faster pace.”
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Find out why Safestore adopted Hyve as their hosting provider

Case Studies

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