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9 February 2018

The NSA and the US Army are able to unmask Tor, I2P and VPN users.

Bye bye Monero
Just like Scooby, Shaggy and the rest of the gang, the NSA and the US Army are able to unmask Tor, I2P and VPN users and they’re closing down on the anonymous Monero currency we wrote about last week. If it wasn’t for those meddlin’ kids…

According to a legit looking leaked memo that surfaced on 4chan, the NSA, Army and the Cyber Protection Brigade are all pooling resources to try and be able to track all the new cool kid crypto currencies.

Memo alert
The memo is dated 21st August 2017 and says:


SUBJECT: Additional resource request for ACC project

   1     2nd Battalions joint NSA/CPT [Cyber Protection Team] anonymous cryptocurrency project needs additional support in the form of new hires and additional funding to meet GWOT [Global War On Terror] and drug interdiction objectives outlined in Julys Command update brief.

   2     • Requesting authorization to add additional civilian consultants to the ACC project and to initiate their SCI investigations

   3     • Requesting additional funds for class 7 and 9, amounts indicated in attached cost analysis worksheet.

   4     The success we have had with Tor, I2P, and VPN cannot be replicated with those currencies that do not rely on nodes [?]. There is a growing trend in the employment of Stealth address and ring signatures that will require additional R&D. Please reference the weekly SITREP [SITuation REPort] ON SIPR for more details regarding the TTPs involved.

   5     BLUF [Bottom Line, Up Front]: In order to put the CPT back on track, we need to identify and employ additional personnel who are familiar with the CryptoNote code available for use in anonymous currencies.

   6     Include this request for discussion at the next training meeting.

   7     Point of contact for this memorandum is CW4 Henry, James P. at DSN (312)-780-2222.





Tracking currencies
The yanks moan a lot about how tricky they’re finding it to unmask CryptoNote based currencies because they’re decentralised. They’re asking for more resources to be able to try and track these new crypto currencies like Monero, DarkNet Coin, Fantomcoin, Bytecoin, and snappily named Anonymous Electronic Online CoiN.

The American authorities are most worried about Monero which is looking likely to be the coin of choice amongst our more nefarious minded criminal chums.

Some smart people at DeepDotWeb said they reckoned the memo is legit. They blogged

There is a Defense Switched Network (DSN) phone number listed for James P. Henry. When this DSN phone number was converted into a phone number that can be reached from the regular commercial phone network and called, the number was in fact the US Armys Cyber Protection Brigade located in Fort Gordon, Georgia, just as the document purported to originate from

Monero devs also allegedly confirmed the memo looks like the real deal.

One mystery that remains is no one knows who leaked the memo. Maybe the Scooby Do gang will unmask the leaker just as the NSA is trying to unmask the users of these currently anonymous currencies.

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