Gervais brings huge increase in traffic to Hyve hosted RSPCA site

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9 May 2014

Comedian Gervais’s tweet sends huge increase in traffic to Hyve hosted RSPCA site

Ricky Gervais is known for his award-winning TV and film career, but those who follow him on Twitter have learnt of his support for various animal causes.

Gervais tweeted an article from the blog today, urging his followers to spread a story of animal neglect via the social media channel.

With 5.78 million followers at present, Gervais is a prolific tweeter. As soon as the tweet went live, thousands of people were directed to the RSPCA blog site.

Hyve’s support team were made aware of the problem via our expert monitoring system. Thousands of connections were being made to the website at the same time, causing it to slow down and parts of the website to be unavailable momentarily. True to form, the support team acted immediately to increase resources in order to manage the extremely high levels of traffic to the site.

I think we’ll let Ricky off the hook seeing as it’s a good cause!

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