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9 February 2018

What next for Space X?

For five long years, space nerds have been waiting for Elon to shove his heavy rocket up into our space area.

And he did it this week, defying sceptics everywhere. Not only did the massive rocket get into orbit, but he also popped a car up there too. Now, that’s just showing off if you ask me. But it did have a nice Douglas Adams reference on the car:


Originally scheduled for launch in 2013, the Falcon Heavy was the victim of many a set back. Apparently, launching a massively heavy rocket with a car as a payload is trickier than everyone thought.

Elon is now the very proud man behind the most powerful working rocket on this fair Earth. And, it’s miles cheaper than any heavy rockets that have launched in the past.

Because of the Asda level of pricing, Mr Musk is banking on other people wanting to use this technology to launch heavy things that are a bit more useful than a bloody car.

What next for Space X? Well, they’re going to turn it up to 11. He’s now started work on a ‘big’ version of the already big rocket. With up to 31 engines. Boom.

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