Red Hat Inc. Announces Product Automation Manager 7

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21 June 2018

Red Hat, Inc. has announced the launch of Red Hat Process Automation Manager 7, a cloud-native platform for developing enterprise automation services and process-centric applications on hybrid cloud environments.

Process Automation Manager 7 is the next generation of Red Hat’s business process management offering. This empowers companies to streamline, automate, measure and utilise continuous improvement business operations.

The multi-million dollar Digital Transformation market places new demands on IT and business to deliver improved efficiency and agility and every stage of the application lifecycle.

The Process Automation Manager is designed to encourage stronger working relationships between the business and IT departments by allowing the business team to directly be involved in the creation of new applications through the use of non-technical concepts a business team can understand easily. At the same time, the Process Automation Manager keeps the oversight and control demanded by IT for scale and security.

It provides business and IT users a lean, low-code solution that will produce a reduction in the time it takes to deploy business automation processes.

This latest release of the Process Automation Manager is shipping with new features and improves key existing elements:

  • Cloud-native application development: Red Hat is expanding it’s automation options with the release of Process Automation Manager 7 with functionality native to the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. The most comprehensive enterprise grade Kubernetes platform. It is now fast and cost effective to develop, test and deploy intelligent, cloud based applications that automate business decisions and processes. It achieve this by treating the containers as microservices which will work across hybrid cloud [ LINK TO HYBRID CLOUD PAGE] solutions
  • Dynamic Case Management: New management options support dynamic workflows that are difficult to architect using a traditional process model. This helps customers with collaboration and assists in improving the management of unstructured processes.
  • Low-code user experience: Process Automation Manager now includes new fast application dev tools for building rich, platform-independent UI as part of a simplified and intuitive experience for building process-driven applications

Mike Piech, VP and General Manager, Middleware, Red Hat Inc. said:

“Process automation technology materializes the benefits of Red Hat's vision and strengths—open hybrid cloud, containers, DevOps, microservices—for the business. With Red Hat Process Automation Manager, business professionals can collaborate side-by-side with technical architects to optimize workflows, rapidly introduce new offerings, and drive operational efficiency in ways that delight customers and outmaneuver competitors in an increasingly digital world.”

For over 15 years, Hyve and Red Hat has cultivated a deep relationship, focused on helping businesses make the most of Red Hat technologies.

Through innovative product delivery and unmatched service and support, Hyve and Red Hat work together to create solutions that address the needs of today’s businesses.

If you think you could benefit from Process Automation Manager 7, please contact one of our sales represtatives for more information.

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