RBS security flaw puts customers at risk

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Amelia Craig
Date Posted:
25 March 2019
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Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) customers have been put at risk of cyber-attack after being recommended flawed security software

Thor Foresight Enterprise
In January 2019 RBS started to offer free cyber security software called Thor Foresight Enterprise to their business banking customers. The software is produced by Heimdal Security, who markets the product as ‘next generation protection’.

Security researchers recently discovered a bug in the software. Although Heimdal Security has now fixed this bug, it was estimated that about 50,000 people were using the vulnerable software for a period of time.

Security Flaw
According to the security researchers who identified the flaw, it was an extremely serious issue that put users at high risk. Ken Munro, one of the security researchers who discovered the flaw, explained that the bug made it incredibly easy to access a victim’s computer. This meant that hackers could gain complete control of their personal emails, internet history and bank details in a matter of minutes.

Heimdal Security offers protection against cyber threats, so they have a duty to their customers to provide that protection. Not only did their software fall short of the protection that it was meant to provide, but it made their customers vulnerable to attack before the flaw was identified.

Heimdal Security
Responding to the issue, Heimdal Securities Chief Executive Morten Kjaersgaard has said that they are taking the issue extremely seriously. Within four days of being informed of the bug they had automatically updated 97% of all affected endpoints to rectify the issue, and the rest were fixed shortly after.

Heimdal Security also issued a statement thanking the security researchers for identifying the issue.

RBS has claimed that their business banking customers who were using the software were not affected. According to Heimdal Security, only 8% of computers running the Thor Foresight software were affected.

RBS has publically praised Heimdal Security for the way that they handled the issue. According to RBS, they were quickly made aware of a potential issue with the software.

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