Public Sector Cloud Providers

Fully managed, ultra-secure G-Cloud Approved Cloud Hosting

G-Cloud Hosting

Hyve have been part of the G-Cloud framework since 2013. We supply ultra secure cloud hosting and specialist cloud services to public sector organisations.

Hyve are public sector cloud providers on the G-Cloud framework

We’re committed to offering cost-effective solutions to support the government in their efforts to improve IT efficiency for the public sector. We follow their high standards of security and compliance to be an approved supplier.

Cloud Hosting

Disaster Recovery
Hyve offers several DR solutions, from a simple backup solution to full dual location data redundancy. Our disaster recovery solutions ensure data; applications and operating systems are copied and/or replicated from their production environment to a secure, managed cloud environment.

Offsite Backup Service
Hyve’s offsite backup service ensures that your data and systems stay available in the event of any type of disaster. Our service backs up your data and systems virtually, in a remote location. We can back up all data content on your server including OS drives.

Small and Large Cloud Servers  
Hyve’s cloud servers provide a secure and scalable hosting environment for high performance and reliability. Our servers run on VMware and HP and Cisco hardware, alongside enterprise-grade networking and software. Hyve’s cloud servers have a no single point of failure design and 100% uptime guarantee, ensuring seamless continuity of service.

Cloud Software

Secure FTP Hosting
Hyve’s Secure FTP hosting service allows businesses to securely send, receive, and store valuable company data over an encrypted connection. Hosted on our high availability cloud platform, our Secure FTP hosting solution guarantees a fast and reliable sharing solution. File transfers are unlimited, with no size or bandwidth limits.

Cloud Support

Business Continuity Service
Hyve’s Business Continuity Service helps businesses prepare themselves to stay available in the event of a disaster. Our team devises strategies and DR plans that identify key areas of the business and will enable users to continue business operations.

Security Audit
Hyve’s Security Audit provides a comprehensive health check of your IT infrastructure in order to protect your business’s sites and data. The audit involves a series of security measures to safeguard your business, and Hyve can provide ongoing management of your cloud security infrastructure should you require it.

What to do next

For more information on our ultra-secure government cloud hosting solutions or any other products, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0800 612 2524 or select an option below and one of our experts will call you back to discuss your needs.

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Learn how Medichecks were able to grow

Watch this short video to find out why Alistair Hall from Medichecks chose Hyve.

Learn how Medichecks were able to grow

Watch this short video to find out why Alistair Hall from Medichecks chose Hyve.

Case Studies

Hyve are 100% carbon neutral. We use carbon offsetting to balance out the release of carbon dioxide from our offices and infrastructure.