Cheap. Fast. Good.

You can only pick two.




This means that you can have fast and cheap, but it won’t be good. You can have cheap and good, but it won’t be fast. And of course, you can have good and fast, but it won’t be cheap. But when it’s your business that’s on the line, you need to spend a bit more than the price of a cup of coffee to make sure it’s the best it can be - 24/7/365. To make sure you get the best support in the industry. To make sure your site never goes down.

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Hyve - Serious about hosting

Cloud Hosting

If managing cost whilst being able to scale and auto heal is important to you, read more about our cloud hosting.

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Dedicated Servers

If you need the highest levels of security, and the industry’s only 20 minute hardware replacement SLA, you need to find out more about our dedicated servers.

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Secure File Transfer

If you’re worried about the upcoming GDPR legislation and need a secure way to send, receive and store customer information, learn about how our SFTP product can help you become compliant.

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If you’re interested in getting the best managed hosting on your own hardware within a Tier 3+ facility, read up on our colocation.

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