OpenStack v VMware

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
5 August 2019

Is your provider not investing in OpenStack?

A market shift
OpenStack has evolved over the past few years into one of the biggest open source communities since the creation of Linux.

However, 2019 has seen a market shift where some OpenStack providers are choosing to no longer invest in the technology. This means that existing customers who are looking to add services or upgrade their OpenStack platform have been asked to move to AWS or to private cloud instances, which are often more expensive.  

Investing in the best
Hyve can move any managed OpenStack customers that are no longer supported by their hosting provider to our Enterprise Cloud platform. 

Hyve’s cloud platform runs on VMware, the market leader in virtualisation software.  As VMware professional hosting partners, we provide a fast and reliable platform that we continually upgrade and invest in to make our Enterprise VMware Cloud the best on the market.

Benefits of VMware  
VMware is the most widely-used server virtualisation platform. It is made up of different products, including Hypervisor (ESXi), vCloud and vCenter for enterprise management.  

  • Mature product, free of critical bugs
  • Proven track history, used by high profile customers
  • Complete managed solution
  • Redundancy and availability built into the infrastructure
  • Enterprise-class performance, reliability and scalability
  • Continually being tested and developed
  • Easy to use and understand if you have used Windows systems and a GUI
  • Ready to deploy set up and management interface
  • Customer support from VMware
  • Outperforms OpenStack

As OpenStack is an open community rather than a product, live updates are made to the software platform rather than going through rigorous testing procedures. OpenStack also has less product maturity, so users often need to experiment with it and do a lot more testing before running instances.

Whilst many people contribute to it, OpenStack only has community support, which is updated by users of the software. This is the only way to update bugs, find fixes and make code contributions.

Hyve’s Enterprise Cloud
VMware outperforms OpenStack with its enterprise-class performance, reliability and scalability. Hyve is continually investing in our Enterprise Cloud platform and can migrate OpenStack customers to a more reliable and scalable platform.

Hyve’s Enterprise Cloud is a multi-tenanted cloud, providing ease of scale with added security and monitoring. Our cloud is 100% VMware based and has High Availability (HA) built in, meaning that we offer high availability on all virtual machines with a 99.999% SLA. It is built on multiple HPE BladeSystems, with a 100GB network and HP 3PAR tiered storage arrays.

Take a look at how the speed of our cloud servers outperforms other major cloud hosting providers. 

Is your hosting provider not investing in OpenStack? Get in touch with our sales team today to discuss our Enterprise Cloud platform on 0800 612 2524. 

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