Webinar: OnApp’s OnDemand service

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Lucie Sadler
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22 October 2018
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Hyve to feature on OnApp’s webinar

On 25th October Hyve will take part in a webinar with one of our clients, OnApp. OnApp power cloud and CDN services for managed service providers, telcos and large hosting providers.

The webinar features their latest product, OnDemand – a managed cloud platform that removes the complexity of building your own cloud and the costs associated with it. OnDemand customers can benefit from a completely managed cloud, choosing between Hyve, AWS and Micfo for the hosting infrastructure.

Neville Louzado, Head of Sales at Hyve, will join OnApp on the webinar to discuss their partnership with Hyve and the global reach of our data centres.

About the partnership
Hyve was selected by OnApp to offer our infrastructure alongside AWS and Micfo, over several competitors. OnApp use Hyve’s private cloud infrastructure for mid to high end deployments of OnDemand.

Hyve were selected based on the quality of our infrastructure, support services and 20 minute hardware SLA. OnApp were also highly impressed with the speed of our SANs, which offer high-speed, block level storage.

Our support team has worked with OnApp around the clock to optimise the performance of their infrastructure so that they can offer high-end cloud services to their customers. OnApp also ran proof of concept tests on our blades to test performance and to see if their applications would run smoothly on our infrastructure.

As OnApp want to deploy OnDemand in other countries, Hyve’s partnership with Equinix also means that OnApp has access to over 35 global data centre locations.

Join the webinar
Register now for OnApp’s ‘Now you can do cloud without a data centre’ webinar if you would like to hear Neville and the team from OnApp discussing the benefits of OnDemand, using Hyve’s infrastructure. The webinar will take place on Thursday 25th October, at 3pm GMT.

Update: Here’s a recording from Neville’s appearance on the OnApp webinar. 

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