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15 August 2019
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Would you trust a smart oven?

Smart Oven
In 2015 tech company, June, debuted its smart oven. Users were able to pair their oven with an app that allowed them to control temperature and cooking settings, as well as live stream their food as it cooks.

Having an oven controlled via an app on your smartphone initially appeared to be a positive feature. It eradicated the fear of wondering whether the oven was left on because the app could be used to turn it off from a remote location. However, this feature also meant that the oven could be turned on remotely. Queries have also been raised over the safety of this feature – after all, technology can go wrong.  

Switched on
At least three owners of the smart oven have accused the oven of turning itself on in the middle of the night and heating up to temperatures of 400 degrees or higher.

One owner in the US explains that his oven came on around 2:30 am and grilled at 400 degrees for 4 hours while he slept. Another owner explains that he left potatoes in the oven overnight, and when he woke up found that his oven had turned on at 1:20 am and baked at 425 degrees for four hours and 32 minutes. A third owner reported that she was woken up at 6:30 am with a push notification saying that the oven had preheated to 400 degrees and was ready to cook.

June’s response
June CEO, Matt Van Horn, has said that users are at fault, not the oven. He claims that the oven only comes on when the app tells it to do so, and therefore the users must have activated their oven via their smartphone by mistake, in the middle of the night. June’s support team have also suggested Amazon’s Alexa may be to blame for the oven coming on but have not specified how this could have happened.

June did ship one of the owners a new oven, but claims it was in response to unrelated issues.

In September, June are set to release an update that will allow owners to disable remote preheats, preventing them from coming on at night. They also hope to update the oven to recognize when there is no food inside it. Upon recognition, the oven will automatically turn off after a certain amount of time. 

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