January 17, 2020

Hi and welcome to this week’s newsletter. We’ve looked at the most popular news articles from our social media this week and written them up for you. If you know anyone in your office you think might enjoy it, please forward it to them after you’ve enjoyed the stories.

Christmas Phishing

Most of us receive so many PayPal spam e-mails that when we receive a legitimate one, we’re actually pretty surprised.

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Dude, where’s my (connected) car?

Like hover boards, it seems we've been promised proper connected cars for years. Where are they?

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MP’s password gaffe

MP tweets out her lack of password security. Backlash ensues. Apparently she thinks its fine for everyone to have access to her PC.

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Hey, Patch Me

Two new bugs affect RSA - and anything you've built using the SDK. Uh oh.

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Attacking The Cloud?

Someone in America reckons the cloud might be targeted by cyber criminals. No way!

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Is DJI spying?

Some Americans are claiming DJI are sending crucial data to the Chinese government.

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