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1 August 2018
Hyve News

Hyve’s customer portal,, has been relaunched. On top of the wholly new design, new features have also been added.


Performance charts showing how your servers have been working are now available with intervals of up to one month. This makes it easy for customers to see how their platform has been performing. 


The entire site is now fully responsive. This means it will work perfectly on mobile and tablet without the need to pinch and zoom. 

Dark Mode

We’ve now added an optional dark mode. This will make it much easier on the eye to use the site in the evenings. 

Of course, the site went through extensive internal testing and QA before we launched, but if you do happen to spot a bug, please open a ticket to provide more details and add a screen shot if necessary. 

You can log in to the new portal here: Visit MyHyve.


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