Microsoft fixes 19 year old Windows bug

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13 November 2014

Yesterday Microsoft announced that a fundamental flaw had been identified on Windows operating systems. The vulnerability is a bug in Windows software and server builds, including Windows Server 2008 and 2012.

The vulnerability is a bug in Windows software and server builds, including Windows Server 2008 and 2012.

Bug alert
Affecting Windows and Office products, the bug has been present in every version of Windows from Windows 95 onwards. The bug is essentially a loop in the code, meaning that a hacker could gain complete control over a machine and access personal data. A hacker would be able to remotely control a PC and make the user download malicious software or Malware.

Allegedly informed of the vulnerability by IBM researchers, Microsoft have worked to fix the problem by issuing a patch to Windows users. Microsoft were seemingly unaware of the bug which spans nearly two decades, undetected from Bill Gates’s original Windows 95 operating system to the present Windows 8.1.

Download the patch
Users are advised to immediately download the patch provided by Microsoft. The patch is available and can be installed via Windows Updates service. Users need to run a Windows update and install all the available security updates. The machine will need to be restarted after the update has run.

Fortunately the vulnerability was detected by IBM and not a hacker, as it has been reported that the bounty on this high-profile bug would have been colossal. The emergence of such a large and dated vulnerability also makes users and industry professionals wonder what other bugs exist in Windows OS.

For Hyve customers : our security team advise all of our clients using Windows to apply this patch immediately. If you have management services and would like Hyve staff to complete this for you, please raise a ticket via MyHyve with a suitable reboot time.

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