Managing expectations in the digital age 

Written by:
Amelia Craig
Date Posted:
23 May 2019

A new era of customer service?

It’s difficult to imagine what customer service could look like in the future. But thanks to the rise in the use of AI technology, tech experts predict that by 2025 voice assistants will play a major role in customer service.

AI has already been incorporated into the customer service world, which sometimes makes it difficult to receive the help and support that we need. We have all had to adjust our communication methods away from natural speech patterns to fit computer processes that can seem ‘foreign’ to us.

At Hyve, we understand the importance of providing straightforward, accessible customer support as and when it is needed, which is something that AI cannot yet provide. So, what makes our customer service so special?

No tiered support
Unlike so many of our competitors, we don’t have tiered support. This means that when you call, you will be put through to an expert engineer who will be able to deal with your request. We work in small teams, meaning that our engineers get to know your platform and solution from the beginning. We also provide each customer with an account manager who gets to know you and your business inside out.

Going the extra mile
We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service to all of our customers. No issue is ever too big or too small. If customers need our support, our team are on hand 24/7/365.

Our technical support team are UK based and adapt to meet the technical knowledge of each customer, to ensure that all updates and instructions are understood. Our ticketing system ensures that we respond to all issues in an appropriate amount of time, with critical issues responded to in as little as 20 minutes.

Multiple channels of communication
We understand that issues can arise at any time, and our multiple channels of communication ensure that you can always raise an alert, no matter where you are. Alerts can be raised through the MyHyve portal, which can be accessed via phone or computer. Alternatively, you can call our UK based support team and get straight through to an expert engineer.

Hyve SLAs
We meet strict SLA’s for customer support as well as network connectivity and availability.  We ensure that customers receive the best service that we can provide by being transparent and setting the right expectations. Customers know how long we will take to respond to certain requests, as well as understanding our network and power availability.

The future?
Having strict SLAs in place helps us to build better customer relationships and in turn provide better customer service. We know each other’s expectations and ensure that we continually meet them. This is something that definitely can’t be managed by robots just yet!

If technical support services used AI in the future, it could only ever work for a helpdesk with first or second-line support.  The level of personal, Extra Mile support that Hyve provides requires background knowledge, intuition and adaptability that only comes with human interaction.

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