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Java Tomcat Hosting

Java Tomcat Hosting - What and why

What is Java Tomcat Hosting?

Java Tomcat hosting is simply the method by which your Java app or website is pushed live onto the internet. Tomcat offers total control, redundancy and very straightforward management.

Why use Java Tomcat Hosting?

If you want high portability or flexibility. Java only needs to be written once, and it can be used on a variety of different platforms. Windows, *nix, Android etc. If you want a mobile compatible app. If you want stability, safety and user friendliness.

When looking for a reliable UK Java Tomcat hosting provider, its important to know that you’re dealing with the experts. We have over 10 years experience hosting Apache Web Server and Tomcat Application servers connected to MySQL or SQL Server databases.

We can host any Java, JSP Struts and servlet applications. Your Tomcat web hosting application will be managed by the best Java experts in the industry backed by Java developers and will run on our high-end enterprise-grade cloud architecture.

We ensure that your Java and Tomcat applications are in good hands; with expertise in hosting Java applications of all flavours, we offer a superior service and pride ourselves on running Java Tomcat hosting services on high-end cloud architecture specifically designed for enterprise and mission-critical business use.

Production-grade Tomcat and Java hosting uk

Our production-grade Tomcat hosting and Java hosting uk plans are offered with a private instance of Tomcat on our Cloud Sites plan and our enterprise cloud servers.

With our superior network and cloud architecture, we are able to provide a whole range of premium Java hosting options based on your individual requirements.

We offer a comprehensive selection of options to suit all types of infrastructure including any Apache and Tomcat versions from 5, 6, 7 or 8 with any MySQL version or SQL Server Databases. We can run any Java JVMs including JVM 1.6 and above that can be configured according to your specifications, suiting all applications and Java hosting requirements. Apache Web Server can be configured to interface with Tomcat via mod_jk or mod_proxy ProxyPass

Full set-up, support and expertise for Tomcat hosting

When you choose Hyve as your Tomcat web hosting provider, you can expect a service that goes the ‘extra mile’. We are able to provide full set-up and free migration support from your current host to help streamline the process, and ensure that we host your Java applications in a way that suits you and your company. From there, we can offer continued developmental support to resolve any coding issues that may occur throughout the process.

Hyve technicians are experts in hosting Java applications and in the administration of Tomcat, Tomcat Security Manager, Struts, Tiles, SQL Server, JDOM and many others. With such a high level of experience in most Java technologies, you can be confident in receiving a service that you can rely on.

Java Tomcat hosting from the experts

The only way to be sure that you are receiving Tomcat web hosting to meet your precise needs is by seeking the experts. We pride ourselves on maintaining exceptional standards of service for Tomcat hosting and with experience in hosting Java applications of all kinds, you can be confident in receiving the results you want.

With superior performance, an unrivalled level of support and dedication to security and optimum reliability you can be confident in complete satisfaction.

Tomcat Web Hosting with Cloud Servers

Lease an enterprise Cloud Server and have Tomcat configured to your exact requirements. Please contact us for a quote.


Tomcat 5Yes
Tomcat 6Yes
Tomcat 7Yes
Tomcat 8Yes
FTP Upload and recompile of JSPsYes
JVM 1.5Yes
JVM 1.6 or aboveYes
Any version of JVM supportedYes
MySQL database management via phpMyAdminYes
MySQL 4 DatabaseYes
MySQL 5 DatabaseYes
SQL Server database management via MyLittleAdmin for SQL Server v2.0 LiteYes
SQL Server 2000 DatabaseYes
SQL Server 2005 DatabaseYes
SQL Server 2008 DatabaseYes
Manage and restart Web Applications via browser-based interface (Tomcat Web Application Manager)Yes
Tomcat Container Full Stop and StartYes
Deployment via WARYes
Exploded WAR File support (Some applications only work with exploded WARs)Yes
All Java Applications supportedYes
Server.xml EditingYes
Connection Pooling SupportYes
Realm creationYes
Tomcat reloads classes when uploaded via FTPYes
Application can run on Domain Root as well as folderYes
JVM Memory128MB Dedicated
Up to 2GB available
More JVM Memory AvailableYes
Access To Tomcat LogsYes
Tomcat Administrator to edit server.xmlYes
Development Support availableYes
Free Set-up SupportYes
Free Migration from existing hostYes
Support for any applications supported by TomcatYes

Hyve are 100% carbon neutral. We use carbon offsetting to balance out the release of carbon dioxide from our offices and infrastructure.