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Event Management

Event Management

Hyve’s Event Management solution provides real-time log management, behavioural analysis and compliance management into a single solution. All device events for a solution will be aggregated and correlated into offences in a single web interface for quick access and reporting within the retention window. An event collector agent or Syslog daemon will forward events to an event collector appliance in real time where they will be retained for at least one year, with a minimum of three months online availability. This allows for correlation of audit trails for all system components and events. Event attributes on applicable components will include no less than the user identification, type of event, date and time, success or failure indication, the origination of event, and the identity or name of affected data, system component or resource. Event and network flow data are analyzed for policy violations and unusual activity by leveraging Security Event Manager (SEM) and Network Behavioral Detection and Correlation (NBAD) technologies. Derived offences on the event console will generate email and console alerts when certain conditions are met. All offences will immediately be escalated in accordance with your customised escalation plan.

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