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Proactive Management

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Proactive Management

One of our most popular add-on services is proactive monitoring. This service ensures that the support team are able to monitor and identify potential risks 24/7, taking a proactive, rather than reactive approach. 

When you opt for a standard reactionary service, monitoring alerts are sent to the customer to action. Whilst they may choose to contact Hyve to assist them, the responsibility of the initial reaction to the monitoring alert is with the customer.

With proactive monitoring, rather than just sending the monitoring alert to our customers, we also send it directly to our technical team here to act immediately on your behalf – removing the need for the customer to react. 

These alerts could be anything from an application trigger to a RAM alert, but whatever the alert, our team will take action instantly. The action taken is based on a run book that is built up over time with each customer’s needs and requirements in mind. All monitoring alerts are raised as priority 1 tickets, which have an SLA of a 20-minute response.

Proactive management is the ideal solution for clients who want the peace of mind that they can leave the running of their systems to Hyve, knowing that whenever a monitoring alert comes in, it will be actioned immediately. 

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Proactive Management with Hyve

Extra Mile Support

Our Extra Mile Support provides you with dedicated Technical Support Engineers who will be assigned to your account. They will be familiar with you and your business needs saving time and money.

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We select our data centres for connectivity, reliability, security and performance. We use only the best Tier 3+ facilities around the globe.


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