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What is a domain name?

A website domain name acts in a similar way to a postal address – it tells web browsers where to take you and the content that should be displayed. It is also the main name of your website – for example, the domain for Hyve Managed Hosting is https://www.hyve.com

Domain Services Features & Benefits

  • Domain registration and renewal
  • Domain configuration to ensure that your website is functioning correctly in all areas including the configuration of:
    Websites (A records), email (MX records) reverse DNS (for combating spam issues when sending emails from websites and servers)
  • Ongoing domain management
  • Hosted DNS from clustered ‘High Availability’ name servers to ensure a premium domain service at all times.
  • We run our own name servers, hosted domains in any of our global locations

Our fully-managed domain services are designed to remove the headache associated with managing domains names efficiently. Many processes related to domain names are drawn out and complex and can present a challenge to complete correctly.

Please note that our fully managed domain services are only available to cloud server or dedicated server clients, or customers with SFTP plans.

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