Ensure business continuity with replication and data centre failover

Data Centre Redundant Solutions

Hyve are committed to ensuring the availability of all of our customer’s platforms.  We run a number of solutions to guarantee business continuity, which range from simple off-site backups that bring your site up in a different DC, to full BGP failover between two diverse data centre sites.

Full Data Centre Failover


Hyve runs a fully BGP network, which allows failover an IP range from one data centre to another. This is traditionally seen as the best way to run failover, however for BGP to work; data must be replicated between sites so that when the failover happens the data exists on the new machines in the new site.

DNS Failover

Hyve also runs DNS failover, which simply pings the production site IP from multiple locations. When it sees the ping fail from multiple locations an automated failover is carried out to the secondary location, like with BGP we need to ensure that the data is being replicated to the secondary solution.


Replication Methods

SQL Enterprise Always-On

For Windows SQL users, SQL Enterprise Always-On is the most capable and in-depth solution. It allows us to create SQL groups across DC sites that ensure that your data is always available whichever DC is active, which guarantees availability on your database.


For other users, Hyve uses replication to ensure data is always available between sites. We use synchronous or asynchronous replication as required, on a solution to solution basis.

SAN Replication

Hyve runs HP 3PAR SANs across our infrastructure, as well as providing some of the best performance in the market thanks to features like DRS, which can also provide replication at the SAN level. This works simply by sending blocks of traffic between DC sites at a SAN to SAN level. We provide highly competitive pricing for this service, compared to other hosts.

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Hyve are 100% carbon neutral. We use carbon offsetting to balance out the release of carbon dioxide from our offices and infrastructure.