Magento Go and ProStores to shut down

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10 October 2014

Magento, one of the largest online eCommerce web applications, is set to close its hosted platforms Magento Go and ProStores, in February 2015.

Magento goes
Magento have recently announced the decision to close down their hosted offerings for smaller businesses, and only the Enterprise and Community editions of Magento will remain in use. In an open letter to Magento Go users, they stated that their other offerings could support their client’s stores more effectively. Though this said, it is assumed by many that they are focussing on larger retailers due to the success of the software platform.

The platforms will close after the main Christmas and New Year shopping periods, in February 2015. Magento Go and ProStores users now face the decision of where to migrate their shops to. Magento Go was a cloud based platform which offered full management and configuration. Smaller businesses used Magento Go for ease of use, the customer support offered and the fixed monthly cost.

Users have the option of the following: switching to another 3rd party solution, hiring a developer to make a bespoke solution for their business or finding a host that provide the community version as a managed service.

Managed Magento 
Most smaller businesses won’t have the technical expertise to run and maintain their own Community version of Magento. They also won’t have the support at hand should any problems occur. For medium to large sized businesses, Bigcommerce or Shopify will be good replacements for merchants. However the focus is on the larger businesses with high transactions and customer visits, so may not be ideal for small online shops.

We can support Magento Go users, with free migration to our fully managed Magento cloud hosted platform. We have a team of Magento experts on hand to monitor your shops, assisting with any support or performance issues. We can take care of everything for you- recreating a very similar store to your existing one, meaning that you won’t have to learn to use a new interface. Also, our clients can benefit from our multi-layered security infrastructure, which is essential for any online transactions.

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