Juniper Speeds Up Firewall

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8 August 2018

Today, Juniper announced their popular SRX5000 line of Services Gateways is getting an 11x speed bump thanks to a new services processing card.

The refreshed SPC3 card is built to help cloud hosting companies meet the increasing security needs of hybrid cloud, IoT and 5G.

The growth in traffic demanded by IoT, video streaming and mobile devices has forced service providers to increase their security offerings with more powerful and efficient platforms. This is to mitigate against the ever increasing volume of cyber attacks. 

Juniper’s new SPC3 Advanced Security Acceleration allows protection that will scale as traffic and security needs increase. It allows networks to be secure, without impacting performance or scale. This delivers strong gateway functionality and robust VPN capabilities for enterprise users. The device also consumes less power and runs considerably cooler than previous models. The modular architecture provides the ability to upgrade hardware without downtime. 

Amy James, Director of Security, Juniper Networks said:

"With the rise of IoT, 5G and hybrid cloud network environments, many of our customers are faced with rapidly increasing bandwidth demands that necessitate a security platform that can scale while protecting the network against an advanced and high-volume cyberattack landscape. Juniper's SRX5000 line of firewalls with SPC3 Advanced Security Acceleration ensures our customers have powerful security without sacrificing the performance, scale and agility needed to stay aligned with changing business needs."
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