Insta Data Wars

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
19 April 2018

“I will get my team to get back to you on that point Mr Congressman”

In light of the recent Facebook data scandal, Instagram are now looking into data ownership across the platform. They’re owned by Zuck along with WhatsApp, so they’re probably just covering bases.

The ‘download everything’ tool is being built so that users can download everything that they’ve ever posted on Instagram. Users will be able to copy photos, videos, and messages that have been sent. It’s unknown if you’ll be able to export followers lists, likes, comments, stories and captions on photos though.

In this social media crackdown users have been really shaken up by FB’s stalky shenanigans, so maybe people will follow suit and delete Instagram too.

In terms of the quality of the images that you’ll be able to download, it’s not known if photos will be high res or compressed. But you’ve probably got them stored elsewhere anyway. If the tool is launched by 25th May it will help Instagram comply with the EU’s upcoming GDPR law, which requires data portability.

There’s been a lot of questions asked recently about cross advertising on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. It’s happened to me before, where I’ve mentioned a product in a chat and then been targeted with ads on Facebook afterwards. Hmm. FB deny that they do this though.

Will they admit it? Will they do anything about it? Doubt it. Makes them too much money.

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