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Cloud services are often used to increase performance, reliability and to lower running costs, but what a lot of businesses underestimate is what goes on behind the scenes to monitor and support the systems and applications.

A Managed Cloud acts as a services layer on top of the cloud infrastructure, where the hosting provider functions as both your hosting provider and extension of your IT team. Managed clouds are mostly used for live production systems, rather than development. The average IT department needs capacity for controlling internal systems, websites, availability, backups and DR. This is where managed cloud really comes into its own – it allows you to focus on your business and not be distracted by complex IT issues.

Control costs
Managed cloud providers can remove the need for an in-house IT team. It‘s expensive to hire and train staff, so managed cloud is a great way to make cost savings. You can rely on their infrastructure, data centre and support engineers to run everything for you.

System management
Managed hosts will run your servers, systems and backups as well as providing patching and monitoring services.  If you have any custom or complex set ups, this can also be managed for you.

Reliability & scalability
Managed hosts will invest in their cloud infrastructure to ensure system availability at all times. A ‘no single point of failure’ platform design will ensure business continuity by having load balancers and firewalls configured in high availability mode.

Sudden traffic spikes without the correct scalability measures in place cause website and application failure. Platforms can be scaled from a single server to multiple load-balanced web clusters.

High performance
Managed hosts invest in the best hardware and technology to ensure super-fast performance for your infrastructure, such as Fibre Channel and SSD disk technology. They also use high-end data centre facilities for the best connectivity.

Network security
Having a secure network is vital for running an effective, reliable hosting solution. Managed hosts have a secure network including firewalls, VLANs, IPS, DDoS defence etc.

In our next blog we’ll be looking at how Managed Cloud works in terms of service and support – how can a responsive support team and strict SLAs benefit your business?

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