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The right DR plan
Working out which kind of disaster recovery (DR) site your business needs requires careful planning.

Disaster Recovery (DR) shouldn’t be seen as a ‘luxury’ add-on service solely for larger companies, but a fundamental part of every business’s IT strategy. This is why different types of DR recovery sites are available, including cold, warm and hot, which reflect how closely the DR environment needs to match live operations. 

How would downtime affect your business, customers and day-to-day business operations?

Is warm DR the right choice for my business?
When it comes to choosing a DR option, businesses must consider their expectations for recovery times, how much downtime their business could tolerate, and their budget for the service.

For near-time recovery, Warm DR is a solution that can be installed on any cloud platform on-premise or in the data centre to provide flexible and fast recoveries. 

Warm DR is best suited to businesses who need to maintain uptime, but it is not critical to the ongoing operation of their business. It enables customers to protect their business but avoid the need to maintain a secondary site at all times. 

Booting up on demand
This type of DR is easy to set up and copies the changes to the secondary DC like a backup. The main copy is taken and then changes to sites or applications are updated incrementally, so this type of DR solution is not in real-time. The failover to the DR data centre requires that the secondary site be booted upon demand, so VM level DR does have a higher RPO and RTO than Hot DR. 

Warm DR suits businesses with lower budgets due to the fact that you are not running two live sites at one time. Considerations do need to be made about how frequently changes are updated to the secondary site, as well as how it may be difficult to test because it has to be manually booted up.

Technologies used are Zerto, Veeam, Nakivo and Doubletake. We can also failover to Azure, AWS or Hyve Clouds. 

Why choose Hyve for disaster recovery services?
We have a lot of experience running DR solutions for a range of businesses. Our dedicated Technical Support Engineers will always be on hand to assist in failover and recovery and will work with you until you achieve full system recovery.

Does your business need a warm DR strategy? Get in touch with our sales team today on 0800 612 2524.