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We’re here to predict what most of these dull top ten predictions will be. You won’t believe number 5!

1) Something something Internet of Things
2) Yadda yadda Blockchain
3) Blah Blah AR/VR
4) Yawn AI/bots
5) Zzzzz Security something or other
6) Hmmm Quantum computing
7) Meh Digital giants will self-disrupt
8) Yeah yeah People-centric
9) Etc etc Big data
10) And so on and so on and so on Cloud stuff

So, there you have it. We guarantee you every tech prediction article you’ll read between now and January 1st 2018 will contain at least one of the above Cliche Predictions. If you find a top ten without at least one of the Hyve Top Ten Tech Cliche Predictions in, contact us and we’ll send you a crisp five-pound note. *

*Ts & Cs
1) You must send an email to marketing@hyve.com with a link to the top ten tech prediction article that is devoid of one of our top ten cliches.
2) Include your mailing address and we’ll pop a crisp five pound note in the post.
3) Only one five pound note is available.
4) This is not valid in conjunction with any other silly marketing offer we do.
5) Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up repayments.
6) Our decision is final in all matters.




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