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We recently met with our clients, Safestore, to film a testimonial video about their customer journey with Hyve.

Safestore is the UK’s largest provider of self-storage solutions for personal and business use. Safestore’s online presence is a vital part of their business operations, with most quotes and enquiries coming via their website.

Safestore has been hosting with Hyve since 2015 and it has been great to see the company’s presence grow over the past few years. In a case study that we did with Safestore a few years ago we saw how Hyve’s customer service was a major selling point for Safestore.

In our latest video testimonial with Phil Fryer, Head of Information Technology at Safestore, said:

“Finding a good quality hosting supplier is exceedingly difficult, especially one that you can get hold of when you’ve got problems and who are able to troubleshoot when there are issues. Migrating to Hyve was so easy, it’s unbelievable. They took on a lot more responsibility than a traditional hosting company would, taking problems out of our hands. We know our most valuable source of enquiries is somewhere safe and we can always get hold of the team by ticket or phone. I recommend Hyve to anyone looking for a new hosting partner”  

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