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Equinix Miami
As part of our recent global expansion, we are offering hosting services in Miami in the heart of one of the world’s largest internet exchange points.

As a strategic data centre partner with Equinix, Hyve provides customers with a range of robust and high performance hosting services on the East Coast.

Hyve’s Enterprise Cloud is 100% VMware based, with high availability built-in. Our Enterprise Cloud is built on multiple HPE BladeSystems, with a 100GB network and HP 3PAR tiered storage arrays.

Hyve’s Enterprise Cloud
Hyve’s Enterprise Cloud is still a multi-tenanted cloud, providing the ease of scale and cost savings of a Public Cloud infrastructure, but with added security and monitoring. 

Our vast range of additional security features are there to protect your company’s data and improve overall performance. Our extensive suite of security features is available to protect your company data, including DDoS Defence, WAF, firewalls, VLAN segregation, VPNs, SSL, IPS, IDS and much more.

Interconnectivity and Growth
Miami is a well-known gateway to Latin American and Caribbean markets – an ideal location for technology growth.

Hyve’s Miami location offers superior interconnections from submarine cables entering the USA, which in turn leads to secure routes to global markets. Our cost-effective, reliable and secure solutions are designed to facilitate global expansion for your growing business.

Users will have access to the Network Access Point (NAP) of the Americas, which is the primary exchange point to Latin America. Miami also offers direct access to and from Brazillian markets through the Monet subsea system.

Low Latency
Cloud service latency refers to the delay between a client’s request and the cloud service provider’s response. With our Miami data centre, we are able to serve customers in the Americas with very low latency.

Our Miami data centre also has the lowest latency route to Brazil via GlobeNet, a submarine telecommunications cable system linking the USA, Bermuda, Venezuela and Brazil.

Bandwidth and Connectivity
Miami is the only city in the USA where Optical, Ethernet, MPLS, Voice and Internet traffic is handed off in a single location, so it is unsurprising that it has been ranked as one of the 5 most connected cities in the world.

Offering bandwidth of 100gb per second, our Miami data centre provides guaranteed high-speed connectivity.

Fully Managed Service
Hyve’s Enterprise Cloud is suited to businesses who require the cost-effective, easily scalable service, but with added security and 24/7 monitoring. Our extra mile support team are experts who can advise you on the best course of action if they spot any unused resources.

Our Enterprise Cloud is also fully managed up to the application level, meaning that our team become an extension of your business.

For more information about Hyve’s Enterprise Cloud offering in Miami, please get in touch with our sales team on 0800 612 2524, where we can tailor the perfect platform for your business. 

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