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Digital Agencies
Hyve has a great network of digital agency partners. We know the sector inside out and have provided specialist hosting solutions for a number of years. We work with agencies seamlessly, providing support and management whilst enabling them to sell our cloud services alongside their web design and digital marketing services.

We also host and have in-house expertise with many CMS‘s used for website design and development, including Magento, WordPress, Kentico and Sitecore.

Migration pains
One of the biggest hosting pain points for digital agencies is migration, in particular how to navigate a large-scale migration without affecting customers. Migrating all of your data to a new host can often seem like the most daunting part of signing up with a new service. We aim to make it as straightforward as possible.

Firstly, migrating a large number of sites and applications could be a very time-consuming process. Hyve understands that this could have an effect on an agency’s clients, so we can offer migrations out-of-hours or whenever sites have the lowest volume of traffic. We would also put a full migration strategy in place that was staged, to ensure that the live sites and applications had priority.

A helping hand
Migrations can be complicated, which is why having in-house expertise really speeds up the process and helps to iron out any potential issues. Digital agencies specialise in the design and development, but often don’t have the in-house expertise to handle the hosting services or optimisation of CMS’s.

Common issues are complex databases, CMS’s or new versions of operating systems that can be problematic and need to be managed by someone with in-depth knowledge of the systems. These instances also highlight the importance of having rollback capabilities, in case there was an error in the migration process.

Hyve manages the whole migration process and provides a full system migration from initial data dump through to re-pointing the DNS to the new servers. You can read more about Hyve’s high-level migration plan in our previous blog.

Hyve’s Cloud
Hyve’s platform is known for its server uptime and high performance, which is vital for digital agencies that utilise our cloud hosting for multiple clients of their own.

Our platform is suited to high-intensity CMS’s such as Sitecore that often have high CPU and memory usage. We also provide the best server uptime thank to our ‘no single point of failure’ platform design, which ensures a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

Our UK based support team are available 24/7, providing proactive monitoring and support. This means that if any issues occurred with an agency’s client’s sites or applications, they would be able to get through to us straight away to resolve the problem. This ensures that agencies can meet their own SLAs and requirements, and we can all provide fantastic customer service across the board.

Client Success Stories
Delete Agency – Delete is an award-winning digital creative and marketing agency based in London, Leeds and Munich specialising in the delivery of digital transformation strategies for major brands.

JBi Agency – JBi is a leading digital agency focusing on web design, development and digital marketing.  As an integrated team, they have worked with a wide range of domestic and international brands ranging from ITV and Channel 4, to William Hill and Rolls Royce.

Are site migrations causing you unnecessary stress? Get in touch with our sales team on 0800 612 2524 to find out how Hyve can provide scalable and high-performance hosting for digital agencies, with managed migrations to our servers.

You can also learn more about our partner programme for digital agencies here

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