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Fully managed Colocation
Choosing a colocation service is beneficial for businesses wanting to use their own computing hardware, without having to worry about data centre compliance and security. 

Typically, a colocation service will provide the building, cooling, power and bandwidth, as well as the physical security measures, whilst the customer provides the physical servers and storage. 

Hyve goes a step further by offering a fully managed service. For companies with a global presence, we can deploy colocation solutions in multiple data centres worldwide, whilst the management of all locations is handled by a centralised, English speaking, account manager. With the backing of our expert support team, you can take full advantage of our industry-leading SLA’s.

Hyve’s global presence
Currently, you can choose to host your hardware in 35 locations across 5 continents. Our strategic data centre partner, Equinix, has announced that they will be expanding their services, with a further 12 locations available later this year.

We have Tier 3+ data centres in the UK; in London and Woking. Offering strong, scalable, colocation services near main fibre routes, our data centres house a reliable solution for networking and power.

Across wider Europe, our services are available in Geneva, Zurich, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Frankfurt and Milan. Our colocation services are offered in major commercial, financial and telecommunications hubs, providing reliability and high network availability to our European customers. 

The America’s
Our facilities in North America span major business markets across the USA and Canada, including data centres in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Boston, Somerset, San Jose and Toronto. Offering world-class redundancy and physical security, our North American data centres are known for their reliability. 

Instead of re-routing traffic via Miami like other providers, Hyve offers customers excellent connectivity between North and South America with Hyve acting as an IXP in Columbia. We can also offer colocation in Bogota, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janerio.

Hyve’s colocation services in Asia are currently available in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo, with Equinix’s expansion plans to include Seoul in South Korea by the end of 2019. Users enjoy access to network-dense data centres, all of which are subject to regular auditing and strict security policies.

With premium data centre facilities in Melbourne and Sydney, Hyve offers colocation services down under, giving users access to key internet exchanges and direct links to submarine cable systems, facilitating global connectivity. 

For more information on our global colocation services contact us today on 0800 612 2524 or email us at sales@hyve.com.

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