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Data is increasingly becoming the backbone of most successful businesses – so it is important to look after it. Working with data does not come without its challenges, but with Hyve’s add-on management services, we can support businesses of all sizes and take away the responsibility of looking after your databases.

With our team of experts monitoring and finetuning your systems 24/7, you can enjoy peace of mind that your databases are as efficient and secure as they can be.

Hyve can help with:

  1. Professional Database Administration
    Database administration includes everything required for the management of a database in order to make it efficient and available. At Hyve, we can help with performance tuning your database.

    Databases should be built from the ground up, however, when an application has a long lifecycle, things like query management can take a backseat. This can result in queries that go on for multiple lines, causing huge delay and giving a far higher likelihood of corruption.

    By examining your current queries, our team of qualified DBA experts can work out ways to optimize your databases, so that your site runs faster. This could include upgrading the database server and/or application tools, modifying the structure of your database, query construction and working with indexes, slow queries and query length to ensure your databases work at the optimum performance.

  2. Database Clustering Management
    Database clustering is the process of connecting several servers to create a single highly available database platform. At Hyve, we use enterprise-grade High Availability setups for asynchronous replication, ensuring that downtime is kept to a minimum. Technologies we support include MS SQL Always-On and MySQL Clustering.

    For businesses that can’t afford any downtime whatsoever, such as e-commerce websites, database clustering is strongly advisable. Database clustering gives you the peace of mind that if a server fails which is running a database, the database will automatically failover to another server with absolutely no downtime.

  3. Database Replication Management
    Database replication is the frequent copying of data from one database to another, with synchronization between databases to maintain consistency. Choosing Hyve for your database replication management greatly reduces the possibility of data loss. At Hyve, we can support replication for all databases, such as MySQL, Postgres, Oracle and MS SQL. Replication is how we move data from one site to another, making it critical for providing Disaster Recovery services.

    The result of database replication is a distributed database, enabling users to quickly access relevant data as and when they need it – critical for businesses requiring local storage in various geographical locations.

Does your business need help with database management? Give our friendly sales team a call on 0333 696 1873 for a bespoke solution.

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