Hyve’s Public Sector Hosting

Written by:
Amelia Craig
Date Posted:
4 April 2019

Secure hosting for public sector organisations

Security and Compliance
Hyve offer secure and scalable hosting solutions for a range of public sector organisations. We help them to meet the highest security and compliance standards.

Security is the driving force behind all of our hosting solutions, especially for our public sector clients. Our security accreditations provide us with a fully comprehensive security suite including ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO 9001 accreditations for information security, quality management and cloud security.

We have achieved both the ‘Cyber Essentials’ and ‘Cyber Essentials Plus’ accreditations, proving our commitment to continuous security improvement, and comply with all security policies and procedures laid out by the NIS (Network and Information Security). Finally, we are very proud to be members of CSA STAR, the industry’s most powerful program for security assurance in the cloud.

Public Sector Departments
We work with a range of public sector organisations across multiple departments. We create personalised solutions for all our clients in the most cost-effective way possible.

We work with health and social care departments to provide a trusted and secure service and provide an ultra-secure infrastructure for the UK’s defence industry. We also have customers in the education sector, as well as providing reliable and scalable solutions for the UK’s emergency services.

Public Sector Networks
We have the Public Services Network (PSN) and the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN).

The PSN is the government’s high-performance network, helping public sector organisations work together, reduce duplication and share resources. The PSN uses a ‘walled garden’ approach, ensuring that all information shared on the network is protected by the highest security measures.

The HSCN provides a reliable, efficient and flexible way for health and care organisations to exchange electronic information. We provide access to the HSCN allowing users to securely receive and transmit information to one another creating a collaborative and efficient work environment.

G-Cloud Approved
As a member of the G-Cloud framework, we are able to provide easily accessible services to the public sector. All public sector organisations have access to G-Cloud, where they can find many vetted and secure cloud-based services.

We are currently suppliers on the G-Cloud 10 framework, and in the process of applying for the next iteration.

Public sector suppliers
We are a well-respected hosting provider for public sector organisations. We are proud to have over ten years of experience hosting for the public sector, from the Queen Victoria Hospital to Anglia Ruskin University. Thanks to our continuous commitment to security, we ensure that confidential data is kept secure and meets compliance standards.

For more information on our public sector hosting services, get in touch with our sales team today on 0800 612 2524.

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