Hyve’s Foolproof Brexit Plan

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29 January 2019

After Theresa May’s Brexit deal defeat in The House of Commons and the deadline to a ‘no-deal’ exit beginning to loom, Hyve has been preparing for the ‘no-deal’ Brexit scenario.

GDPR Compliance
On the 25th of May 2018, the EU brought the ‘General Data Privacy Regulation’ (EU2016/679) into effect. GDPR underpinned how businesses in the EU process and handle data. The three main points of GDPR are: that all data is kept private, all data is protected and that the individual has authority over who had access to their data.

Ensuring that all members of the EU adhere to the same standards regarding data protection means that these countries are able to trade data freely amongst one another. However, on the 29th of March when the UK withdraw from the EU, there is some uncertainty over data protection rules in the UK going forward.

The Effect of Brexit on Trading Data
If on the 29th of March we leave the EU with a ‘no-deal’ agreement, the UK will become what is known as a ‘third country.’ This could mean that the EU will no longer trade data with the UK until they have reviewed our data protection laws and declared us ‘adequate.’ Although the UK will still abide by the ‘Data Protection Act 2018,’ which holds us to many of the same standards as the GDPR, data trading may cease.

Being declared as ‘adequate’ by the EU as a data trading partner is a process which can take years, and the EU has made it clear that they will not make an ‘emergency’ or ‘fast track’ decision under any circumstance.

Hyve’s Foresight
If you host with Hyve, we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team prepared after the Referendum in 2016 for every eventuality, so thanks to our foresight Hyve won’t be affected by a ‘no-deal’ Brexit agreement.

Graham Marcroft, Operations and Compliance Director at Hyve said “A ‘deal’ or ‘no-deal’ Brexit still means that personal identifiable data needs to be handled with care. The UK has tried to put measures in place to ensure data can be transferred with ease, but there’s still a sense of the unknown, meaning that every possible eventuality needs to be thought about.”

With our extensive range of data centres around the world, all data can be kept within its sovereign nation. If you’re a UK based business, your data will be stored in one of our UK data centres, whereas if you’re a French business your data will be stored in a French data centre.  This set up ensures that if the EU is to halt data trading between EU members and the UK, our business, and most importantly yours, will not be affected.

If your data is hosted on a European Economic Area (EEA) based server (such as some AWS servers) a ‘no-deal’ Brexit agreement could cause severe problems for your business, as you may not be able to receive data from the EU.

Has your cloud provider planned for a ‘no-deal’ Brexit? Don’t wait till the 29th of March to find out what happens, get in touch with us today to discuss your hosting requirements on 0800 612 2524.

NB: This is an ongoing news story, so follow your news channel of choice for the most up-to-date information on the Brexit deal.

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