Hyve and Corero’s First Line of Defense solutions

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28 March 2013
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We’re using Corero’s First Line of Defense solutions to protect against DDoS attacks

One of our technical account managers was interviewed by Corero recently to discuss the use of their First Line of Defense devices.

Corero Network Security LogoSecurity is integral at Hyve, and with Corero’s devices we can provide our clients with the best protection on the market. Corero’s devices are at the forefront of our layered security architecture, protecting against unwanted traffic hitting the network perimeter and ensuring uptime.

Corero are an international network security company, providing a range of security solutions including their leading DDoS Defense solution. Corero’s First Line of Defense solutions work in real-time to prevent attacks as they reach the network perimeter and before any traffic can reach the firewall.

Click the following links to read the press release and case study in full.

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