Hyve partner with CopperEgg to provide advanced server monitoring

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25 February 2013
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Hyve have partnered with Cloud monitoring and analytics company, CopperEgg.

What is CopperEgg?
CopperEgg is a SaaS-based application that enables users to monitor their website and cloud performance in cutting-edge detail.

The monitoring service is for cloud performance visibility and application performance metrics, allowing users to monitor their CPU, RAM, server load, network metrics and disk space usage.

The service gives an insight into the quality, availability and up-time of servers. Multiple servers can also be monitored at the same time from one central interface,  providing clients with a comprehensive overview of the health of their servers.

Thanks to CopperEgg’s RevealCloud,  performance and health changes are detected the moment that they happen, with scans occurring every 5 seconds. This facility detects problems in their early stages and reduces system downtime by sending on-screen alerts.

CopperEgg’s cloud performance partner programme
By becoming a Cloud performance partner, Hyve are able to offer not only fast, secure and reliable Cloud hosting, but with the addition of CopperEgg,  clients can also benefit from an extensive monitoring service.

Client’s can monitor one server’s performance completely free of charge by subscribing to CopperEgg.  And exclusively for Hyve customers, CopperEgg are offering a 30% discount on their cloud monitoring services for additional servers.

For our existing clients, we have added an icon in the MyHyve portal to register for an account, and any account signed up via the MyHyve portal will get the discounted rates.

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