How can you protect your business against DDoS attacks?

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7 February 2013

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are on the increase, with an estimated 14,000 attacks occurring every day

Internet security has become a primary concern for every business, especially following recent DDoS attacks on high profile organisations. With the IT industry booming and technology becoming increasingly sophisticated, new threats are appearing on a regular basis.

A DDoS attack floods entire systems and networks with mass amounts of unwanted traffic, paralysing them and causing them to crash.

Protection from Hyve
With a wide range of security services on the market, finding a solution can be overwhelming. Hyve undertakes a full assessment of each business to ensure that customers get a security solution that works for them. Several people assume that the way to protect themselves against the increase in attacks is by constantly adding to their security infrastructure, but it’s more about having the correct measures in place and managing them effectively.

VPNs and Firewalls
Hyve offer security services such as managed VPN and managed firewalls, which provide an effective layer of security between the internet and your website. Firewalls manage traffic in real-time and filter activity based on specific requirements. The managed VPN also provides secure communication channels for information to pass through by encrypting all traffic between two internet points. These security services are essential to running a safe and secure business.

Intrusion Prevention
Businesses with large amounts of sensitive data or a huge online presence are often targeted by attackers and require extra levels of security. Hyve offer two further security prevention services, which many of our high profile clients have incorporated into their hosting solutions with us. Our Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is an in-line security appliance that inspects network traffic, identifies malicious and harmful network activity, and blocks it. The IPS is an essential device and is easily integrated into existing security management processes without any effect on traffic speeds. It scans incoming traffic in real-time, attempting to get rid of harmful network activity in advance of the suspected attack.

DDoS Defence
Hyve’s DDoS Defence System (DDS)  is an advanced tool that has the ability to detect, divert and filter incoming traffic, and mitigate DDoS attacks. It can deal with flooding and large amounts of connections – a feature that a lot of other security features lack. The benefit of this tool is that it filters harmful traffic and allows ‘good’ traffic to filter through, which maintains business continuity at all times. This means that an attack can be mitigated without causing any downtime.

Our cloud platform also has security at its core. It is the only cloud platform to integrate IPS and DDoS defence and has hardware Cisco firewalls for added security. Our cloud platform also has VPNs, which provide an additional layer of security by enforcing administration via an encrypted connection.

Whilst all of the security measures that we offer are essential tools, additional layers of support from the IPS and DDS systems offer the most thorough and secure protection against DDoS attacks.

Find out more about our DDoS Defence System by getting in touch with our sales team today on 0800 612 2524. 

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