Hyve introduces rebootless scaling technology

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11 April 2013

Our cloud platform has virtually limitless scalability, enabling users to upgrade their CPU and memory as and when they require.

Upgrade on demand
We can now offer rebootless scaling technology, where resources can be upgraded on demand with zero downtime.

Our cloud platform provides a fast, reliable and secure hosting solution for businesses. The standout benefit of our cloud is its scalability, having been designed to start small and grow as required by business and traffic demands.

100% uptime
When websites experience high volumes of traffic, users can upgrade their resources instantly by contacting our team. Our rebootless scaling technology allows upgrades on demand without having to reboot the server. This ensures 100% uptime during crucial moments such as traffic spikes and surges, eliminating disruptive downtime.

Previously servers would have to be rebooted, and although always aiming to apply the changes rapidly and with minimum impact, even a few seconds or minutes downtime could have had a detrimental effect on sales or your site’s reputation. Whilst other technologies do exist to attempt to solve this issue (such as having multiple servers or a single server with excess CPU and memory), they are costly and often left redundant during typical business operation.
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Hyve are 100% carbon neutral. We use carbon offsetting to balance out the release of carbon dioxide from our offices and infrastructure.