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Protecting highly sensitive financial data with ultra-secure cloud infrastructure

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Now, more than ever before, businesses in the financial sector are striving to understand how to operate securely in the cloud. As an industry facing an ever-increasing demand for new products and services, competition from fintech companies and rising regulatory pressure, the financial sector must modernise their systems to stay competitive.

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Security first

Security is our native language. We understand that protecting the highly sensitive data that financial services firms handle on a daily basis is paramount. Whether it is customer records, transaction data or payment card information, our compliance with industry-specific standards such as PCI DSS means that we can guarantee the highest possible levels of security for your payment infrastructures. 

Hosting your platform in our PCI DSS certified data centres allows you to deploy a highly-available and secure cloud infrastructure, with the peace of mind that your financial data is safe and available to authorised users at all times.

We always strive to maintain the ultimate in security, which is why both us as a company and our UK-based data centres are accredited in the most rigorous global security and privacy standards, including ISO27001, ISO27017 and many more.

Business continuity

With the potential reputational damage and FCA fines that can come with downtime, we know that business continuity is a key priority for the financial sector.

Our industry-leading Disaster Recovery service mitigates against financial losses, reputational damage and operational delays. We help businesses to continue to operate by replicating websites and applications from virtual or physical environments and failing over to a secondary certified and compliant Disaster Recovery site.

When you partner with Hyve, you can confidently host your mission-critical applications in the cloud and transact quickly and efficiently. Backed by our 100% network uptime guarantee and industry-leading SLAs, financial institutions can rely on Hyve’s cloud to provide the agility, elasticity, resiliency and on-demand provisioning required to succeed.

How financial services benefit from Hyve’s cloud:

  • PCI DSS and ISO27001 certified cloud services
  • Best-in-class technology
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery experts
  • Fully bespoke and flexible solutions for your business
  • Maximum flexibility and the best price/performance ratio
  • Dedicated features to secure your platform
  • Cost-effective, scalable technology

Cloud is fast-becoming the backbone of digital transformation. Don’t get left behind.

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