Here comes Gen Z

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
21 December 2017

Just as businesses were starting to understand millennials and their fit in the workplace, along comes Generation Z, a storm of ‘tech native’ graduates.

This is the first generation of people to grow up with the internet. Imagine that.

Digital generation
A lot of research has determined the defining characteristics of Gen Z and the differences between past generations. So whilst Gen Z are said to be entrepreneurial and digitally savvy, what do we know about how these job seekers will fit into the workplace?

Known as the generation of people that are always ‘switched on’, how do you keep someone who is used to this level of instant gratification engaged in their work?

Global workspace
The modern workplace is always evolving. Technology is a driving force behind the way that we work and communicate with our colleagues. There’s been a huge shift toward remote working and promoting a healthy work-life balance over the past few years.  Technology simplifies tasks and streamlines workflow – so simple that we can discuss a project on Slack from different countries and time zones, and still get the job done.

What a lot of companies expect to face with this new generation of graduates is their reliance on technology. It may create challenges with communication and job training – are Gen Z impatient? Do they expect simplicity at every corner?

We won’t really know until it all unfolds. But what we do know is that work is no longer confined to the office, so content and security are paramount.  An on-the-go, anytime, anywhere workplace is emerging.

Whilst businesses grapple with the current generation divide (millennials get a bad name), it’ll be interesting to see how Gen Z plays out. By being more independent and self-directed, perhaps it’ll just be about trusting them to manage their own workload?

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