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26 April 2018

A Kodi box seller triumphs.

My Box NZ
Wibbly wobbly flash back screen…

Waaaay back in 2016 New Zealand media reported on a new company promising to beat Murdoch’s Sky.

Krish Reddy, who owned My Box NZ, told the mag he was flogging Android based telly boxes full of Kodi software and all the moody plug ins you needed to watch anything you wanted. Pirated, obv.

Showing no fear or concern he boasted that his boxes let people stream anything – after they’d dropped $182 for the box.

Free for good
He actually had the chutzpah to say “Why pay $80 a month for Sky when for one payment you can have it free for good?”

Saying he imported the boxes from China, Reddy said his lawyers had found no problem with his business plan.

Reddy had been selling the boxes for 6 weeks and made about $15k. The free PR in the press was great timing, but he didn’t stop there and spammed 50k email addresses he’d snaffled. However, 50 of those email addresses were Sky TV staff and directors. Ruh roh.

Sky got the hump last April and started a lawsuit saying they he was infringing their copyright.

He said, “the content is already available, I’m not going out there and bringing the content so how am I infringing the copyright… the content is already there, if someone uses the box to search for the content, that’s what it is.”

Sky wanted $1m but warned if anything was protracted, that fee could rise massively. Despite picking a fight he was hugely likely to lose, Reddy wouldn’t quit.

He was sure his business was legal. He’d sold 20k boxes in 12 countries.

Chinese investment
Then, something curious happened. An unnamed Chinese company offered to buy Reddy’s business for $7m. A business selling $180 piracy boxes that anyone can make at home from a simple $40 device.

Reddy claims the litigation with Sky is what made them truly famous and courted the purchase offer.

Here’s the way things lie now. They mysterious Chinese outfit has accepted a counter offer from Reddy of $8.8m. Because of this, Reddy will close down the NZ business within 90 days.

Easy as k.o.d.i
Because *anyone* could duplicate the business model (get cheap box, install kodi, install sketchy plug ins, pop in post), it’s amazing how it could be valued at over 8 million bucks. Also, cos they’re knee deep in litigation, it just seems madness!

However, in the midst of nothing but bad news for kodi box sellers, it’s kinda nice to hear of someone that did indeed fight the law and win.

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