Half of top sites now using HTTPS

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30 August 2018

The internet is on its way to being 100% encrypted

More than half (51.8%) of Alexa Top 1 Million sites are now using HTTPS protocol, according to the latest analysis on the internet’s most visited websites.

Looking back to just six months ago, only 38.4% of sites were using HTTPS. This shows great growth in the adoption of HTTPS and making the internet more secure.

The growth is most likely to be related to Google’s push to ‘encrypt the web’. Google stated that sites would have a better ranking on Google Search if using HTTPS, and a feature of the latest Chrome browser was to label HTTP sites as ‘not secure’.

Security pros have launched a website called ‘Why No HTTPS’ that lists popular sites that still haven’t adopted HTTPS, and provides resources for changing over.  It looks at common excuses that people use for still having HTTP, such as ‘there’s nothing sensitive on my site anyway’, ‘HTTPS is difficult to set up’, and ‘it’s the browser’s job to keep sites safe’.

From just taking a quick look at the list, we can see that popular sites in the UK are still using HTTP including Sky Sports, Argos, Virgin Media, Daily Mail and National Rail. Not good.

Security experts are hoping that uptake will continue to increase, especially now that Google Chrome is naming and shaming sites without HTTPS.

If you’re already using HTTPS, well done. If you’re not, get in touch

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