Hyve are 100% carbon neutral

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15 January 2013

When you think of hosting, you think of electric guzzling data centres. So, how can the industry make a positive impact on the environment?

Going green
We reduce as much of our energy output as possible, and offset anything that we can’t reduce via a tree planting scheme. We follow green initiatives, partnering with some of the UK’s leading carbon reduction and offsetting organisations to become carbon neutral.

Reducing our carbon footprint
Whilst we reduce as much energy as we can, a lot of it still omits unavoidable carbon dioxide.

Carbon offsetting is a process where the equivalent amount of CO2 is released by various methods. Hyve have participated in the tree planting scheme, which is the most natural way to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and release oxygen. This venture is a positive and long lasting contribution to reducing our carbon footprint.

Energy efficient hardware
We also use specifically engineered hardware including power efficient memory and hard drives to reduce data centre energy consumption at Global Switch 2, which is our main data centre.  Our cloud hosting platform has blade servers that share 6 power supplies, meaning that only 6 power supply units are required for 16 servers. Due to the size of each blade enclosure, there are cooling benefits even with a huge reduction in rack space.

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Hyve are 100% carbon neutral. We use carbon offsetting to balance out the release of carbon dioxide from our offices and infrastructure.