Largest outage recorded for Facebook and Instagram

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Amelia Craig
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15 March 2019
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Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram had a 14-hour outage

Worst outage in history
This week, Facebook and its family of instant messaging apps had a huge outage, said to be the worst in Facebook’s history. Users around the world reported issues accessing the platforms that people rely on daily for communication. As well as the major apps, the outage also affected Facebook Workplace, a platform that many businesses, such as the NHS, use to communicate internally.

What does this mean for Facebook?
Facebook will have taken a financial hit due to the downtime. The social networking company fund the majority of their business through advertising, therefore when the outage arose, the damage to ads was substantial. According to Bloomberg, Facebook has been investigating the possibility of refunding those who had paid for advertising during the outage.

Server configuration
The cause of the outage was apparently due to a server configuration change. Facebook announced this issue on Twitter, which left users feeling disappointed with how the social networking platform had addressed the issue. The explanation was brief, with no promise of an in-depth report to follow. A company of this size, providing communication services to approximately 2.3 billion users, would be expected to provide continual updates on any issues or downtime as well as providing a detailed explanation as to what went wrong.

Many people are questioning how a server configuration change was able to take down not just Facebook, but also WhatsApp and Instagram. At the beginning of 2019, Mark Zuckerberg announced his intentions to merge the three social networking apps together.

The Register suggests that this 14-hour outage may have been the result of an attempt to bring all of the apps together under one roof. The company has repeatedly been fined for trying to treat data collected from WhatsApp and Instagram as part of a larger Facebook database. Intertwining the three platforms could have been an attempt to get ahead of regulations and would explain why the company is being so secretive about the outage.

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