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2 March 2018

Now, Google can (probably) look inside all your Dropbox files.

This week seems to be full of me being annoyed by intrusive tracking to sell data to advertisers, and this story is no exception.

Google snooping
Now, Google can (probably) look inside all your Dropbox files.

In another nail in the coffin for privacy lax Dropbox, they’ve done some kind cash deal with Google to form a partnership where Google Suite stuff like Docs, Sheets and all that can directly write and read to your Dropbox.

This even goes as far as Gmail and Hangouts so that Dropbox lovers can pick files from your Dropbox account and send your chums direct links in Gmail.


‘Best of services’
Both parties are awfully excited about it all, it seems. Google waffled on about mutual customers and best of services. Whilst Dropbox was just pleased it can stop annoying IT staff with a flawless integration for file sharing.

No one has said how it will work. How passwords/authentication etc will happen. They’ve probably not worked it out yet. They don’t know when it’s going to happen either. A spokesperson didn’t say: “When? Oh no idea mate. Soon though. Maybe this year? Dunno. Fancy a pint?”

What seems very likely to me though, is that Dropbox will be allowing Google to read the contents of your account to further target you with yet more advertising.

[LEGAL NOTE: I have no idea if this is true, but it’d make sense, wouldn’t it?]

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