Google to reward SSL encrypted websites

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14 August 2014

Converting your website to HTTPS will help with Google search results.

Google are renowned for their complex and ever-changing search algorithms, they rule the web. So for any business wanting to have a successful SEO strategy, we take their word as gospel.

In the latest blog from Google HQ, specialists have suggested that SSL encrypted websites will start to be considered as a ranking signal in their search algorithm.

Google have always been dedicated to the promotion of online security. They state that a collaborative effort to make the internet a safer place for everyone is their main goal. They want websites that appear in their search listings to be relevant, genuine and secure for users.

With an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted website there is an additional layer of security for web pages and for exchanging data. It provides an encrypted link between a server and a client (for example web server and browser, or mail server and mail client). SSL also allows sensitive information such as credit card details and log in details to be transferred securely.

Having an HTTPS encrypted website will benefit your clients and your business. In terms of the Google search rankings, having a HTTPS site will not make a significant difference to search results now, but it is something that will become increasingly relevant in the future.

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