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Written by:
Katie Robertson
Date Posted:
11 July 2019
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Do you own a Google Home Smart Speaker?

Millions of homeowners are filling their houses with smart home gadgets every day, but the safety and security of IoT devices have always been in question.

Leaked Conversations
This week, it has been revealed that over 1,000 conversations recorded by one of Google’s smart speakers were leaked. A report from Belgian public broadcaster VRT exposed the recordings made by the Google Home devices and revealed that the recordings were used to ‘improve’ its voice recognition technology.

The audio clips collected by Google’s AI assistant have been said to have recorded sensitive information about users, including names, addresses, and even personal information about individuals.

‘OK Google’
VRT disclosed that the majority of the recordings it reviewed were short clips logged by the devices as owners used them. However, it is believed that Google’s devices logged these conversations because users said a phrase that sounded similar to “OK Google” which triggered the device.

For some, these recordings have come as no surprise due to the fact that the company’s privacy pages for Google Home say that the devices “collect data that’s meant to make our services faster, smarter, more relevant, and more useful to you.”

Would you still trust your Google Home device?

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