Google Conf Mode

Written by:
Lucie Sadler
Date Posted:
19 April 2018
New Tech

Ever sent an email that you instantly regretted? Yeah, me neither.

Conf mode
Well, with the new Gmail you’ll soon be able to delete an email from an inbox days, weeks, or even months after it was sent. ‘Confidential mode’ time limits can be set to one week, month or a chosen time limit from the moment it was sent. Then the email disappears.

So it’s not quite the ‘delete mail’ option that we’d all really love to exist, but it’s still cool. From screenshots of the G Suite we can see that users will be able to set an expiration date on emails. ProtonMail already have this functionality, but a mainstream mail service like Gmail adopting it is pretty big news.

Protected mail
Sent mails are protected, as users can’t forward, download or copy the mail’s contents or attachments during the lifetime of the email. Or print it.

Conf mode also means that the recipient just reads the mail via a link, rather than having the email stored on their email system. Google can then control who has access to it, and can easily delete it after the period set by the sender.

Screen grab
This functionality would be useful for sending legal or sales docs etc, but the flaw is that the recipient could still just take a screen grab of the email’s contents. So it’s not bulletproof. Just because the mails are deleted from inboxes and outboxes doesn’t mean that they don’t exist somewhere either (it’s Google after all).

This sounds like something a politician or MP would want to use, right? Especially as ProtonMail offer self-destructing mail and end-to-end encryption, and the former CEO of Cambridge Analytica apparently used the service…

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