Go Daddy DNS issues

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1 September 2014

Go Daddy, the largest domain registrar has experienced intermittent outages today.

Reports came in last night and this morning (1st September) that Go Daddy were experiencing issues with their DNS. Hyve clients who have registered their domains at Go Daddy were subject to apparent performance issues this morning as a result of Go Daddy’s outages.

Clients thought that their servers were down and zone files were being lost without any visible cause. Go Daddy registered domains were not pointing at Hyve servers as a result of the outages, causing the confusion. Go Daddy technical support has been reportedly slow and unresponsive throughout the day due to the volume of complaints.

At midday (GMT) services seem to have improved and after refreshing were running as normal. We await an official report from Go Daddy to decipher what the cause was.

For any clients experiencing problems with their Go Daddy registered domain, please raise a support ticket via the MyHyve portal and we will investigate for you.

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