GCSE in Computer Science will provide vital digital skills

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3 June 2015

The exam board OCR has submitted a proposal for a new Computer Science course at GCSE level

Set to be introduced in September 2016, the course will prepare students for careers in digital sectors. There is now such a demand for digital skills in virtually every industry, and this specifically designed course will provide students with a valuable skill set.

The course focuses on programming and coding skills, as well as learning about cyber security and cyber crime. Parts of the course will look at methods that hackers use to access information online, phishing, malware, and understanding that people are the weakest link in secure systems. An individual programming project is also part of the course, where students will develop their own algorithm, app or game.

As a hosting company it is so important to support initiatives that nurture future generations of engineers and programmers. It’s also such a progressive step to educate students about cyber security, especially as this is something that is part of people’s everyday lives.

Hopefully students around the country will choose to study the course and join the IT industry later in life!

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